Serious cat urine problems - Find the cause, treat it... and keep your kitty!

Yes, you can treat serious cat urine problems. But... you have to find the cause first. Do some investigative work and you can live without enzyme cleaners and cat urine removers too.

Nancy Wigal from Arlington, VA - whom I met on a popular Internet forum - knows all about it.

"Scout was one of those cats who hardly ever used the cat litter box for urinating. She was happy about defecating in any cat litter box, but she urinated all over our house. But since I investigated and found the source of the Scout’s problems and addressed them, she’s gone back to using her box faithfully", she says.

Luckily Nancy is a trained investigator. She found no fewer than 18 solutions to get rid of serious cat urine odor in her home.

"The clues are all around you in what she leaves behind, where she does it, what she does it on, or the time of day", she says.

The start of her search was obvious: she tried to find out why her Scout did not use the litter box. Nancy noticed there was some blood in Scout's urine and took her to the vet. The diagnosis was clear: feline urinary tract infection .

The infection caused pain when urinating, and Scout associated the pain with the litter box, so she went out. The result? Cat urine everywhere.

Other possible symptoms of feline urinary tract infection are howling while urinating, excessive cleaning of private areas and straining to urinate.

Feline urinary tract infection is not immediately life-threatening and cats can have it for months, but treatment is necessary.

So if you have serious cat urine problems it's wise to take your kitty to the vet!

Now cats are all different, and yours may not have such an infection, but still pee outside the litter box. Why does she if she's healthy?

An obvious reason is the litter box simply needs cleaning. Would you use a dirty toilet?

But there's more. Nancy found out that many problem kitties that don’t use a litter box are affected by anxiety. New home, new partner, new furniture... Cats love routine and anything that changes their daily life might upset them.

Liquid essences with a calming effect are successful in many situations, reports say. But our behavior is just as important. A new roommate should respect the cat's routine and, for example, not change the location of the litter box.

Urinating outside the litter box costs time and money too.

It's not only a problem for your kitty. You will have to spend time on cleaning, pay for cleaners and removers and you may even have to replace rugs or furniture.

Sometimes people are so fed up with the situation that they decide to get rid of their kitty.

But you can keep your kitty, in your home, without her peeing all over the place. Nancy Wigal collected her solutions in an ebook that is warmly recommended to all cat owners with serious cat urine problems.

Scout is now a happy, healthy, loving kitty, she reports. "It takes time, it takes energy, but serious cat urine problems can be greatly mitigated, or eliminated."

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