Norwegian Forest Cats....The Ghost Of The Enchanted Forest

Norwegian Forest Cats

As the name implies, the Norwegian Forest Cats originated in Norway and accompanied the Vikings in their travels and conquests throughout Europe.

The breed’s thick, profuse coat is the result of its roots in the cold temperatures of its native Scandinavia. These animals may be related to the Manx and the Maine Coon cat, to which it bears a striking resemblance.

This breed is known for large, wide set eyes with dazzling color (usually green or gold). They also have tufted ears, long flagged tails, wide paws, and lovable facial expressions.

There are many different colors and patterns for their coats, including solids tabby, and tortoiseshell. Adult males weigh between 10 and 16 pounds, and females weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

The public enjoyed having the Norwegian Forest Cat as a house pet during the 1930s, but surprisingly they ended up almost forgotten during the World War II years.

There is nothing about these pets that is not likeable. If you want a loyal companion, a clever trickster, an excellent hunter and a friend that will splash about in a mud puddle with you, this cat is the one you are looking for. This is a cat that is noted for a powerful hunting drive, intelligence, and patience.

Luckily, people once again recognized this breed’s unusual beauty and intelligence and these animals have been rapidly growing in popularity over the past 30 years.

A high perch on a roof or in a tree is where you will often find this pet. Do not be surprised to see these sure-footed athletes climbing down the tree trunk headfirst. Being stuck in the limbs of a tree does not happen to a Norwegian Forest Cat.

If you think all cats hate water, then you have never had one of these as your companion. It is very normal for them to play in water and most of them enjoy being given a bath, probably because their dense fur is essentially waterproof. The coat is double layered which provides them with natural insulation from the elements and enhances the beauty of this breed.

The thick and fluffy coat of this unique cat protects it during frosty temperatures and allows them to enjoy water, rain, and wet grass. During warmer weather, they will shed much of the undercoat and this lets the breed tolerate warmer climates with relative ease.

Despite a thick, luxuriant coat, the Norwegian Forest Cat does not require the frequent grooming that other longhaired cats often need. Their hair stays remarkably smooth and tangle free.

A weekly brushing is sufficient for much of the year, but more frequent brushings in the spring – when they shed heavily – will be necessary to prevent loose hair from accumulating around the house. As winter approaches, their fur will thicken once again to its former massive proportions.

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