How To Clean Cat Urine

If you ask how to clean cat urine, your cat has had an accident. Or... she has a medical problem - more on that later. First you have to get rid of these smelly wet traces!

Of course it depends on what type of floor you have – that is: if it happened on the floor. Tiles are the easiest. Just use some paper towels, water and a cleaner. Don’t worry: you won’t see anything anymore once you’re finished.

If you want to be sure that all the bacteria have been killed, you should consider using an enzyme cleaner or a cat urine remover. Spray the surface and leave it there for a couple of minutes – unless the instructions tell you to do otherwise.

Wood floors are more difficult. If you’re in time, you just follow the same procedure as described above. If you’re a bit late, you should realize that fluids like urine may settle for a new home in the cracks. In that case you could use a lot of enzyme cleaner. But beware: too much enzyme cleaner could damage the wood.

A special cat urine cleaner often does a better job than water-based enzyme cleaners and is friendly for hardwood.

You can use the same product for cleaning carpets and drapes. Use a black light (or just your nose!) to locate the source of the odor. And yes, it even works on concrete floors. A yellow-brownish spot will show you where the accident happened.

Always read the instructions before use if you buy a cat urine odor remover.

OK, now you know how to clean cat urine. But what if it happens again? And again?

Then it’s time to know WHY you cat doesn’t like the litter box anymore. It could mean (s)he suffers from urinary tract infection, but there are more causes too. Don’t worry: you can solve it all.

Nancy E. Wigal, formerly known as The Cat Urine Odor Advisor, has written an ebook that gives you no less than 18 Ways To Stop Cat Urine Problems – and of course it tells you in detail how to clean cat urine.

If you kitty keeps on having accidents, this publication is certainly worth the money, simply because her methods work. They'll save you a lot of frustration.

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