Your new kitten is here. Clicker train it!

Cat Clicker Training – Click And Reward!

Rewarding good behavior is the key to successful cat training. Actually, this principle is the basis of cat clicker training.

In fact, cats are not people. Therefore, they don’t know what is good or bad. Cats make associations between behavior and result. They do this by experience.

Cat clicker training is a successful alternative way of training your cat. This type of cat training emphasizes good behavior.

This is designed for clicker training pets

Karen Pryor is an American clicker trainer with an excellent reputation.

“In clicker training you watch for the behavior you like, mark the instant it happens with a click, and pay off with a treat. For instance, the treat may be food, a pat, praise, or anything else the learner enjoys. If the learner makes a mistake all you do is wait and let them try again”, Karen explains on her web site – which is really worth a visit.

With clicker training you can teach your cat to come when called, play without biting or scratching, stay off the table, walk on a leash, do cute tricks and games, all with a click and a treat.Clicker trainers focus on building behavior, not stopping cat behavior. Cats quickly learn that the marker signal means that something good is coming.

Clicker training is not difficult.

Every cat owner can do it.

Karen Pryor provides her clients with a handy instruction guide that is easy to follow.

And this type of cat training works very well, cats really react. The younger the cat, the better. So it is also a perfect alternative for kitten training. However, it works with older cats as well.

Cat clicker training has been successful, even with more stubborn cats. Even some zoo animals are trained using clickers.

If you can click, you can train your cat! Who would have thought that?

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