Cat Acne – How To Treat Your Kitty’s Pimples

A kitty with pimples? Yes, cat acne exists! It’s not as embarrassing for your kitty as it is for a teenager, but treatment is still recommended. Don't worry, this page will tell you more about it.

This particular skin disease is also known as feline acne, chin acne or kitty acne. The symptoms are very much the same as the similarly named skin problem people have.

First, small black spots appear, usually on the chin or edges of the lips, and later on these may turn into red bumps.

They’re itchy and your cat might scratch the pustules open, possibly leading to an even more serious infection.

What causes cat acne?

Technically it’s an accumulation of oil in sebaceous glands that’s blocking the openings and becomes an infection. The exact cause of the infection is not yet known.

However, vets believe the use of plastic dishes and food bowls plays an important role. Bacteria love plastic and hide in scratches and grooves. When you kitty eats or rubs her chin along her plastic dish, bacteria are easily picked up.

Does your kitty have a plastic plate or bowl? Replace it with a glass or metal bowl, and the problem might be solved (or prevented).

Another possible cause, although not proven either, is stress. Cats and kittens may look calm and relaxed, but they are not unlike humans: they do feel stress and get out of their stride when something unexpected happens in their life.

It's always best to remove the cause of stress. If a temporary event is the reason, then it’s likely problems will be over soon.

If that’s not the case or unclear, stress might be more difficult to treat. There are essences and medicines to calm down your cat, but I don’t recommend experimenting with this without the assistance of a veterinarian.

That’s not all. Poor grooming may also cause skin glands to infect and lead to pimples. And finally, it’s also believed that a hormone imbalance could cause cat acne.

What if your kitty’s skin problems get worse?

In severe cases you should definitely take your kitty to the veterinarian. He might clean the infected chin and subscribe oral antibiotics or prednisone.

Home treatments are recommended when it’s not too serious.

Wash the chin with an antibacterial soap and a warm cloth. This will speed up the healing process. There are also effective shampoos.

Veterinarian Andrew Jones, an expert in home remedies (you can read more about cat acne in his book ), says that a warm-water compress will open blocked pores and increase blood flow. This should help the body remove the infection. Herbs that might be helpful are calendula and aloe.

Cat acne is not life-threatening, but like with any other infection, you should not overlook it and treat it once it’s there. This is even more important when your feline friend is pregnant.

A happy kitty should not have pimples.

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