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What to do if you’re a cat owner and suddenly find yourself with a pregnant cat? With “How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Cat” you’ll be confident that you’ll keep your cat healthy and safe while she’s pregnant.

You’ll know exactly what to do when she’s delivering, and the best ways to help her raise the baby kitties safely.

In this unique ebook veterinarians and professional breeders share their secrets with you, in language that is easy to understand.

It explains everything you need to know…

  • about your cat’s heat cycle
  • how to tell if she’s pregnant
  • when to expect the kittens
  • what can go wrong during a cat’s pregnancy and how you’ll safely resolve it.

It also describes how and why your cat’s behavior changes and what you should feed her.

And that’s not all.  You will also learn…

  • how to find out what colors the kitten will be,
  • how to make a comfortable and safe nest for your pregnant cat and
  • how to prepare for the kittens’ birth.

The ebook (an instant download you can read within a minute from now) gives a detailed description of the kittens’ delivery and what you can do to avoid problems.

The book also tells you how to safely and properly care for your newborn kittens and takes you through a baby cat’s life until she goes off to her new home.

Every situation you can imagine is covered.

With its tried-and-true tips and techniques, “How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat” provides expert knowledge and peace of mind for every owner of a pregnant cat. The book has helped numerous cat owners worldwide since its first publication in 2005.

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