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Rachel Po
Rachel Po – Chief writer for Cat Pregnancy Report & Veterinarian

Welcome to Cat Pregnancy Report for all information related to a feline’s pregnancy. We are a group of veterinarians that wanted to share our knowledge and ensure the safety of cats and their owners from inception to birth.

Between us we have overseen the health of 1000’s of pregnant cats in clinical, home and natural environments. We believe as with all species the process of child-bearing is a highly delicate and critical time that induces several hormonal and physiological changes that have life-lasting implications for all parties involved.

We aim to educate, answer and inform those who are searching for what they need to expect from their cat during her pregnancy and also possible issues that can arise and how to deal with them.

Sadly our lovely felines cannot communicate to us their feelings, love and pain as explicitly as we’d like, though through training, observance and experience we believe we have a sound knowledge of many of the possibilities that can occur during pregnancy and the signs that proceed them.

Though all articles are written by qualified medical professionals, any advice given is never a substitute for seeking medical advice in person. Please do not self-diagnose your cat if you have no medical background and please take the information we provide with caution.

We have written a multitude of articles on the many facets of pregnant cats and we will continue to update this website, however if you do not find what you are looking for or have any concern please feel free to contact us

Please also feel free to leave comments, questions and solutions for all!

Complications and consequences unfortunately cannot always be avoided, hence why we created this website, however we believe in an holistic approach to a cat’s health, and that prevention is better than curing. Some of the few general tips we can offer in this circumstance is to ensure that you cat has a good diet, that she consistently eats well and drinks enough water. If you are have a problem with the latter in getting your cat to drink water, then we recommend Miaustore’s water fountain for cats. A playful and active cat is also a sign of a healthy cat, so it’s always a good idea to invest in not only playful toys but also time everyday playing with your cat. Cats generally clean themselves but you can keep a lookout for their ears, teeth, eyes and coating to make sure they’re clean and look “natural”. Any uncertainties should be reported to your vetirinarian right away. For a list of vet practises in the UK, you can visit RCVS



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