Kitty Cat Has Arrived! But What Happens Before And After Cat Pregnancy?

Cat asking for attention. Am I pregnant?

Meow ... Meow ... Meow! And once more: Meow!!! The results of 65 days of cat pregnancy! A nest of cute little kittens!

Or is this meowing coming from your queen that just returned from an unplanned meeting with a friendly tom?

Oops, she is pregnant!

And now what?

Well, this is the number one web site on feline pregnancy.

Cat Pregnancy Report tells you what's going to happen the coming months.

How can you recognize the signs of feline gestation? What are the risks? Possible complications? How does a cat give birth? And how can you help her?

These kittens are only 10 days old.And once they are there, what should you feed these cute little cats? How do you train kittens?

What if they don't use the litter box?

Yes these little balls of fur are great fun, but they require a lot of attention!

You'll find the answers here. So ... visit this site - there are over 2,000 pages of articles here and more information is added regularly.

You can even share your experience with pregnant cats!

You don't want to miss a thing?

Then ... visit the Cat Blog or get all the newest additions and updates straight through RSS. You don't know what RSS is? There's a link "?" in the bar at the left-hand side that explains it all.

Pregnancy is not an issue that stands alone. Cat health in general is important too. How can you prevent worms? How can you detect serious illnesses?

And what to think of cat behavior? Are felines really living by themselves? Or do they have a social life? And what kind of cat furniture should you buy?

Maybe you want to know about cat breeds like Siamese cats, Persian cats, Maine Coon cats ... this web site tells you all about them.

And yes, you can avoid pregnancy. It is even highly recommended. But you can’t do it with a pill. It's covered here as well.

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Cat Pregnancy Report is a guide made by Marc de Jong, a long time cat lover, writer and journalist from Sweden. English is not his native language, so please forgive the odd mistake. The content of this site is based on year-long experience and research, and its purpose is to help and inform you. However, it cannot replace an examination by a veterinarian.

If you want to learn about a specific topic, simply enter the word(s) you are searching for in the search box. Click the button and you will get the results from this site.

Time to start reading!

A selection of articles from this site:

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Cat Pregnancy Report's Cat Blog features short messages to let you know about new additions, updates and changes to my web site.
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Your cat is pregnant and you need more information? Here are frequently asked questions and... the answers.
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Discover the secrets that veterinarians and cat breeders use, to keep your pregnant cat safe and healthy, AND raise happy, healthy kittens!
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Kittyology Cats Ezine - What You Want To Know About Cats
Kittyology is Cat Pregnancy Report's free cats ezine. Get all the latest about cats, pregnancy, cat health and kitten care. New subscribers get a free e-book!
Taking Care Of Kittens: Watching Mom And Children
Taking care of kittens does not ask any specialist knowledge. It is mainly a task for the mother. But is important to watch kittens and queen carefully.
Cat Health - What You Can Do About It
Cats may seem tough. Still, cat health should be a constant concern for cat owners. Be alert, and you can avoid a lot of trouble.
Funny Cat Videos - Purrfect Entertainment
A great collection of funny cat videos, kitten videos and more purrfect entertainment.
Cat Pictures - Watch Our Beloved Furry Friends!
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More Cat Pictures from Cat Lovers like You
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Is Your Cat Having Kittens? Read The Stories Of Others!
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Cat Pregnancy Stories - When Cats Get Kittens...
Dozens of true cat pregnancy stories written by dedicated cat lovers.
Cat Breeders Directory - Gallery Of The World's Best Catteries
This section of Cat Pregnancy Report features cat breeders from all over the world. A unique directory that helps you select the best place to buy a kitten.
Cat Breeds - Feline Friends With An Exotic Look
Cat breeds. Or: beauty rules in many varieties. But every cat can be a wonderful companion.
Cat Behavior - Instinct Meets Playfulness
Cat behavior has fascinated people throughout history. Cats are independent, but still social animals, and combine a hunting instinct with playfulness.
Cat Food - Canned Or Dry Food? Or Homemade Meals?
Cats are true meat eaters, and sometimes difficult to feed. Therefore cat food should provide a balanced meal.
Cat Litter Boxes – Keep It Clean
Cat litter boxes are vital pieces of cat furniture. But which should you buy? And what if your kitty does not use it?
Cat Urine Removal - Help Yourself... and Your Kitty
Cat urine removal is not a hobby, but sometimes necessary. How do you do it? And how can you prevent new accidents?
Cat Furniture - Your Cat Deserves It ... And You Too
Is it ridiculous to buy furniture for a cat? No. Cat furniture makes your house a home. For your cat and ... for you!
Cat Books You Can’t Miss
A selection of cat books available online. Only the best titles that are worth your time and money.
Cat Lover Gifts - The Best Of The Net
Cat lover gifts are popular. Buy them online - and get many benefits. Cat Pregnancy Report found the best places to buy cat lover gifts. You need a Christmas idea?
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How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat

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